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A two handed nipple gripple. It should also be much harder than the nipple gripple, so that the nipples turn a gruesome shade of purple. The nipple gripple can be used for fun - the purple durple is for punishment only.
approved Nov 24 2002, submitted Nov 24 2002 by Marlon Persaud
A purple durple was also known as a "Chinese Radio" because it looked like someone tuning one of the old style radios with two knobs and made the recipient go "EEEEEEOWEEEOEOOOOOOOOWWWWWEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOWWOOOOOOOOOW!" You know, like all the Chinese do.
approved Sep 25 2005, submitted Aug 8 2005 by Gotty Gotty
Irritable and ginger maths teacher Mr Duckworth had a PhD from some university or other. One day, whilst waiting for his arrival in class, Edward loudly informed us that PhD was an acronym for "Purple Helmet Duckworth". It was widely agreed that this was true.
approved Feb 17 2005, submitted Nov 3 2004 by red andy
To show who is supatuff, hold each others hands down and use a pencil eraser to burn a large skinless hole in your hand, by spinning the eraser back and forth as hard as possible on one spot of the top of your hands - like starting a fire with a stick.
Bonus round! While the wound was healing it would normally grow a bubble full of pus. Simply smack the bubbles of fellow supatuff pupils, and bathe in the yellow spatter.
approved Sep 26 2003, submitted Sep 25 2003 by Angelina Marie
Everyone has whiled away the odd hour or two at school trying to compile the definitive pussy thesaurus.

In my class, a piece of paper with the heading "PUSSY" was passed around for everyone to contribute to. Until it got to Ian, who wrote "cat".
approved Feb 14 2006, submitted Feb 10 2006 by elmore blues
Aged nine, a dirty girl in our school told me that when you were older, blood would come out of your gee and you would have a baby. This phenomenon was known as "Pyramids".
approved Apr 10 2005, submitted Dec 30 2003 by caroline x