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A game in which you cak yourself.
The game of Cak requires a cricket ball to be thrown into the top of a conker tree, under which the cak players wait keenly for it, risking a skull-splitting thunk on their head.
Conker trees magnify the noise of the ball smashing into the branches, you can even feel it through the ground. Plus they're teasingly difficult to see through when in full leaf. Your ideal Cakking Tree will provide a throwing route up through the branches while also acting like pinball machine when the ball tumbles back down through the foliage.
This fearsome game was played regularly by about 10 of us for 4 years at school. And no-one died.
Martin K. got 'bonsed', as he was nonchalantly eating a sandwich. He failed to heed the cry of "cak", and he paid with his forehead. This marked Martin?s retirement from the game. The game of Cak.
Another innovation was the 'no looking up? round. This meant a steely-eyed battle of wills and terror rush where the sounds from above make you taste the adrenaline like metal.
Teachers would not stop the game of Cak, because they didn?t want to believe what we were doing. When one teacher asked what we were up to, possibly thinking we were terrorising a squirrel, we simply explained that it was "festive". He seemed happy enough with that.
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