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the mysterious watters
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Back in our first year of school, we formed a football team and challenged anyone who thought they were hard enough to come and have a go.
We were from Bulwell, in Nottingham, so we devised a catchy and tough name for ourselves; the Bulwell Bandits.
No one took up the challenge, and the Bulwell Bandits never played a game. Probably for the best.
approved Oct 11 2004, submitted Feb 27 2004 by the mysterious watters
Supply teacher filling in for a history class picks on Leroy, the only black pupil in the room and asks "why was Winston Churchill famous?"
I can imagine she was expecting a response along the lines of "Prime Minister during WW2", but Leroy's actual response "he was the only white guy ever to be called Winston" left her genuinely impressed.
approved Nov 24 2003, submitted Sep 19 2003 by the mysterious watters
When we were 14, and after much pleading, me and a friend managed to persuade a naive Tamara to show us her left breast on the way home. As it was my first glipmse of live female flesh my groin responded as only it knew how. By lunchtime the next day my public erection had made it round the school, although the tit flashing element had been conveniently left out of the story.
Even in my final year, it wasn't unusual for a 12 year old girl to run away from me in the corridor screaming 'run, it's the sex addict!!'.
approved Sep 30 2003, submitted Aug 20 2003 by the mysterious watters