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Mr. Marsden's classroom was right next to one of the boy's toilets. One day we caught Marsden's son Owen in the cubicle with his ear pressed against the wall, listening to his Dad teach whilst having a big fat wank.
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In my school you were forced to study the Holocaust in history. Each year, every student was issued a book called "The Jewish Journey," or something equally catchy. The books were ancient, and all had some degree of graffiti inside. It wasn't until my year though, that a fully co-ordinated graffiti strike was arranged, and each picture in every book was given the same caption or speechbubble.
e.g A dead malnourished Jew says, obviously, "Give me a sandwich." A trainload of unfortunates on their way to a death camp sing, "We're all going on a summer holiday."
It wasn't until Mark emptied out his pencil case, put it on top of Johnny's head and called him a "Dirty skullcap wearing kyke," that it was brought up in assembly. And Mark was suspended. Ah... days. Those were them.
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