The Law of the Playground
the pupil report of
Nic Peters
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Gob on your cigarette.
Add powdered flint from your cheap lighter.
Light cigarette.
Voila - crap cigarette sparkler.
approved Apr 15 2004, submitted Apr 14 2004 by Nic Peters
approved Jun 12 2004, submitted Apr 14 2004 by Nic Peters
the only sensible use for clingfilm is to stretch it over your mouth and breathe in sharply, thus creating a pop that sounds nothing like gunfire; but when accompied by your friend pretending to fire from his gunshaped hand, can be quite realistic. Maybe.
approved Oct 28 2003, submitted Oct 27 2003 by Nic Peters
This was for girls only...unless you were Michael. He used to only play with girls, play netball, and skip too.
Whenever the grass was cut on the field hoards of girls of every age would get together to build flat houses out of the grass. I never really understood why building a maze of 10cm walls was so exciting. Maybe it was something to do with about 50 girls and Michael sitting in the middle of the football pitch, trying to make a house while it got broken by the football.
approved Oct 24 2003, submitted Oct 23 2003 by Nic Peters