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Smiler Smilesy
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You will need:
- 1 Yamaha PS110 per pupil, with The Entertainer as the feelgood ragtime demonstration tune.
- 1 Soft Music Teacher.
Stage One : Any one class member pretends to lean on the demonstration start button at irregular intervals throughout the lesson. Ensure the volume is at maximum. The surprise this may cause the other pupils in the class may cause them to slip onto their demonstration tune buttons, too.
Stage Two : Use the bonus comic effect of setting the tempo to maximum. Scroll through the different sounds to be had - Trombone was the best - whilst pretending to try and find the stop button. "Eh! It won't stop, miss!"
Stage Three : After the teacher blows her top, it is stylish to remain silent, and bask in the electric atmosphere, knowing that sometime soon, a synthetic trombone rendition of The Entertainer will start up again, at full volume and tempo.
Final Stage : Plug in a set of headphones to an unattended keyboard, and leave The Entertainer on a loop at a barely audible level, and watch innocently as the teacher psychologically degrades throughout the lesson. Once she leaves in hysterical tears, abandon subtlety and start up 30 simultaneous full volume renditions of The Entertainer.
approved Dec 20 2003, submitted Nov 7 2003 by Smiler Smilesy
Quite simply, the act of firmly cupping one hand in the bumcleft in synchronitity with a boff, and then rapidly arcing the arm around in an economical sideways/forward/upward motion in order to give direction and purpose to the otherwise diffuse fart-gas. Best directed towards a classmate's face.
With reference to prog-rockers Curved Air who stank and got in your face, or something.
approved Nov 7 2003, submitted Nov 7 2003 by Smiler Smilesy