The Law of the Playground
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If you substitute the last word of any book or film title with the word "bumhole", it is funny. Note - one word titles have a limited appeal, but titles such as The Count of Monty Bumhole and Wuthering Bumholes will always be funny, even quite far into your twenties.
It's true, it works for every book! - The Tale of two Bumholes, Carter Beats The Bumhole, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Bumhole, Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Bumhole, Bravo Two-Bumholes, The Bumhole. It's as true as gravity! - Log
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One of the side effects of this singularly stupid activity was that you would often hallucinate as you came "back to life". Juzza, aka The Terminator, admitted that he had hallucinated about playing computer games.
The best hallucination I could manage was a sort of swirling lino-cut impression of the local church, which, while quite psychadelic, was definitely very uncool.
One boy refused to take part, as he felt that abusing yourself to amuse others amounted to prostitution.
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