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Blue Jamie
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We had a penfold-like lab assistant called Mr. Collett, who was very gentle and sweet.
In our second hand Chemistry Textbooks, I found an elaborate heart on one of the diagrams inscribing the words "I love Mr. Collett". These were dotted throughout the book.
I pointed these out to the great amusement of my surrounding peers, until I thoughtfully checked the front of the book, to be greeted with the name of my older sister.
As this was my first week at the school, I became quickly known as "that guy whose sister shagged the mole".
approved Oct 5 2004, submitted Apr 25 2004 by Blue Jamie
Based on the pubescent pop group 3T. Michael Jackson's nephews no less. Tito's sons? Probably.
Their one hit was "I'll Give You Love". Whenever the group performed this on stage, one of them would wear a large rucksack over one shoulder. Then, when he got to the emotional pinnacle of the song - the high bit - he would throw it down on stage in an aroused huff. Every time.

This original move led to an entire month at our school where every lesson we would all, in unison, start the lesson by screaming "I'll give you love" in high whiny voices then slamming our bags down on our desks.
It was in this way that I broke my cartridge pen. We were not a very cool school.
approved Feb 2 2004, submitted Feb 2 2004 by Blue Jamie