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A crayon in the communal Primary Three colouring box which we unanimously held to be such an enchanting, perfect, GREEN shade of green that we would fight tooth and nail for it every single morning.
Competition was fierce, and once in your possession, you would be subject to aggressive attention and intense paranoia - if you let your guard down for a moment, it would be stolen away.
If you went to the toilet, you took it with you, and did so visibly - otherwise your desk would have 29 children crawling over it when you got back.
The One Crayon was finally destroyed by Donna McGhee, who inexplicably vomited all over it.
approved Apr 23 2005, submitted Feb 17 2004 by moogle mania
A simple game in which two gamblers toss 10p coins (pound coins for flash bastards) at the wall. The one which lands closest wins, and keeps both coins.
The blackjack or baccarat of the playground casino, these contests were risky games of skill which had to be held away from the eyes of staff, which is where the illicit smokers would also gather.
This, combined with the fact that it was usually only fairly hard kids who played, meant the whole sleazy scene had the tough, edgy tension of a Scorcese picture.
approved Oct 7 2004, submitted Feb 17 2004 by moogle mania