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Liam Cornelius Kennelly, oblivious to the immaturities of his fellow 6th formers, loudly replied to Phill's claims that he was gay with the unforgettable line:

"Yeah, Phill, I'm really gay"

It was the addition of being "really" gay that made the admission even more shocking. Any gayness we had previously perceived in Liam was clearly only the tip of the gay iceberg.

I mean, even gay people don't admit to being "really" gay, unless they're taking part in some kind gay mating ritual of one-upmanship. Heh. One up man's shit.
approved Nov 28 2005, submitted Nov 24 2005 by toastie de-toast
When mouthed to someone, the lip-reading recipient will interpret this as "I love you". On their begging your pardon, you could then reply, "I said elephant juice, dummy."

This was briefly popular at our school until Steven Richardson blurted out "I love you!" to Andy Scott, missing the point entirely, but confirming what we already knew.
approved Sep 25 2005, submitted Aug 31 2005 by toastie de-toast