The Law of the Playground
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Adam Fraiwald
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The village of Shilbottle in Northumberland was regularly... oh surely you all get the point by now - Phil
approved Aug 31 2005, submitted Aug 30 2005 by Adam Fraiwald
Should you have a penguin wrapper with the same colour as someone else at your table, correct etiquette dictates that you hold the still wrapped biscuits aloft, with an air of impenetrable brotherhood and superiority.
But watch out - yellow wrappers are gay, and the synergy of two gay wrappers meant that combining their energies would make you triple gay. And two people being triple gay is six times gay, from just two gay wrappers. That sort of spontaneous gay creation could cause a sex-rift, and summon a lesbian made from electricity.
approved Apr 22 2005, submitted Jan 25 2005 by Jon Blyth, Adam Fraiwald