The Law of the Playground
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Dan B
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Check out the stickman strumming the telephone. Le cunt.
approved Jun 24 2005, submitted Jun 22 2005 by Dan B
hur hur "re-percussions"

Please write in if you spot any other unintentional punnage on the Law of the Playground. What a hoot!
approved Jun 27 2005, submitted Jun 17 2005 by Dan B
Blue Bounty Bars are objects of desire and great envy - they are amongst the most exotic of all the chocolate bars, thanks to the palm tree on the wrapper. Only Turkish Delight was swankier; so swanky, in fact, that the advert used a real scimitar to open the packet. On the very rare occasion that a Turkish Delight saw the light of day, your friends would often try to emulate this swankiest of unwrappings with a karate chop.
Anyway, the thing is, Red Bounties were gay. And even your classmates taking it off you and throwing it away wouldn't stop you being gay, so they'd have to beat you up to stop you making them gay too.
approved Oct 5 2005, submitted Jun 17 2005 by Dan B, Jon Blyth
Wheat Crunchies also make excellent smoking receptacles. You look like a true spiv.
approved Jul 13 2005, submitted Jun 14 2005 by Dan B