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Admin says: And the last word goes to A Ha!. No further commentary on this one, please. It's a good story, and if you don't love it, please take yourself to a ditch and get punch-fucked by a Furby - Log.

As the partner of a wheelchair user, both of us with fine senses of dark humour, I read this out to him as tears of laughter streamed down both our faces. To say that this story isn't funny, is ridiculous. The world has gone PC mad and it is blooming annoying that people feel they have to be upset on the behalf of others. Get a life! If people are upset for the right reasons, they should be the ones who are upset and complaining.

Suggestion for the Olympic Committee - can we make this race into a new sprint/long jump hybrid? Race the fliddy at a ramp with a stopper as fast as you can to get a great result?
I shall now push my partner from the soap box and climb down to pick him up again. :oP
approved Dec 20 2005, submitted Jul 5 2005 by A Ha!