The Law of the Playground
the pupil report of
Steven Johnston
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Brian became a man of legend while we were on a school trip, and he deciced to moon another group of boys across the hall. He dropped his trousers, bent over and we all saw an inexplicably hairy arse and bulging scrotum.
Far from receiving the hero's cheer that would normally meet such an act of derring-do, we edged away from him, and couldn't meet his eyes for the rest of the day.
Why would it be hairy? Why would that happen? Hair on the arse would just get... covered in shit... why would the body do that?
approved Sep 26 2005, submitted Aug 9 2005 by Steven Johnston
"What's underneath the Magic Table?" I asked, out of the blue, one lunchtime.

Naturally curious, I bent my head to investigate the source of the witchcraft and wizardry, which proved to be Jane McKeating's eight year old, hairless genitals.
approved Aug 12 2005, submitted Aug 9 2005 by Steven Johnston