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Mr W. summoned the school football team one lunchtime for the first training session. Attendance was poor, and getting annoyed at this, he launched into a diatribe, haranguing those of us who actually showed up.
Mr. W: "Listen, if you're not going to put the effort in, it's not worth even having a team."
Me: "Uh, Mr. W, we are here, it's the others who need to know this."
Mr. W (un-derailed by mere relevance): "I've put so much effort in, and for you not to show up is a sign of disrespect."
Me: "No, but we did show up."
Mr. W continued in this vein for some time. No wonder he was only a P.E. teacher.
approved Mar 29 2006, submitted Sep 5 2005 by Little Bastard