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Living in the sticks, one has an abundance of vegetables. The darkest, outer leaves off a cabbage, when allowed to dry out long enough in the airing cupboard, then chopped up, are very easy to sell as Monkey-Dance Ganja.

Monkey Dance got its name after the noises and actions that young Chappers made, when he found out he'd spent 20 on inhaling some coleslaw.
approved Feb 17 2006, submitted Oct 16 2005 by Cookie
Mrs Pocklington's breath was so bad that no one dared ask her for help. If you were foolish enough to ask for help, she would come over to you and breathe her foetid stench breath of rotted shit and dead animals over you until you died. Or spewed. Or spewed then died.
We all failed History that year.
approved Oct 25 2005, submitted Oct 14 2005 by Cookie