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My mate's older brother claimed he'd seen a proper scientific programme where they PROVED that a sneeze is the second most pleasurable body experience next to an orgasm.
Rubbish. Poo's are much more pleasurable, and last longer too.
approved May 14 2006, submitted May 8 2006 by Name Withheld
An oft discussed playground myth was that there were men out there with penises so huge that, should they happen to get a full-on boner, they would actually faint due to the redistribution of blood from the other parts of their body. In hindsight this seems unlikely, although I would be interested to hear if it were medically possible. Maybe the purpose was to make the more conventionally endowed feel a bit better about their pathetic maggots.

Not that I have a pathetic maggot. In fact, I do faint because mine's so huge. Don't know why I asked. Case closed.
approved Jan 2 2006, submitted Nov 16 2005 by Name Withheld