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Legend has it that Sean Gorman was run over by a milk float and tragically lost a testicle. I've always found this confusing as the rest of Sean's body remained intact. Was he sitting on the kerb with one bollock resting on the road? Sean was always very coy about the subject...and suspiciously unsympathetic to others who suffered groinal mishaps, like his best friend Michael.

One day Michael hopped a fence to retrieve a stray football which had been kicked into a field beside the school pitches. Unfortunately for Michael said fence was of the barbed wire variety and Michael's scrotum became entangled mid-hop. Did Sean have vivid flashbacks to his milk float ordeal and run for help ensuring his best buddy didn't suffer the same fate as him? Did he fuck. He made like the rest of us and started throwing stones at Michael while singing "Always look on the Bright Side of Life".
approved Dec 1 2005, submitted Nov 30 2005 by Dr. Dave