The Law of the Playground
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Jamie V.
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The name of a rugby ball headed zip-for-mouth know-all bastard in the children's series Rainbow. He would put his hand to his mouth, wiggle his fingers, and laugh at people. Also a name for a boy who manages to catch his banjo string in his zip flies. This can result in a lot of blood, and certainly did at our school. Despite the massive wave of sympathy we all felt for a fellow male who has had such an accident, it didn't stop him being re-christened "Zippy" from the very second he left the nurse. It was always guaranteed to throw him into a fit of rage, so consequently he spent the rest of his time at that school in a fairly bad mood. Our Rainbow impressions improved no end with all the practise though...
approved Nov 24 2002, submitted Nov 24 2002 by Jamie V.