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The reverse of the Silent But Deadly was the 'D.B.S' (Dangerous Bottom Syndrome), where the farter tried to make his guff more stealthy by tightly squeezing his bumcheeks together.
However, this often only resulted in a high pitched squeaker or the farter shitting their pants.
approved Jul 20 2007, submitted Feb 28 2006 by Jelly Tot
Our song went:
Emilia Mason chundered in the basin,
What colour was her puke?

The person you landed on would say a colour, such as red. You would spell out R-E-D, and the person who got the D was out and therefore not it. Emilia was a girl in my class who as far as I know never actually puked in a basin, but we didn't let that get in the way of a satisfying rhyme.
approved Jul 8 2006, submitted Feb 27 2006 by Jelly Tot
Perhaps the closest schools have ever got to convincing children that anything school-related is cool. After a number of predictive mistakes, the word "book" has temporarily replaced "cool". Anything met with appreciation - for a short time, I suspect - is now completely "book".
The temptation to include a Metro-style feature of "predictive text ambiguities I have noticed" is so strong, that it can only be a terrible idea. So I won't. Log "I damaged your ex"
approved Jan 31 2006, submitted Jan 17 2006 by Jelly Tot