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Luke Smith
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I'm Luke Smith, and I don't remember this.

Well, that could be due to either a) the impact of the book leaving you with brain damage, or b) you being A DIFFERENT LUKE SMITH. If any other readers are called Luke Smith, but don't remember this either, please don't bother to let us know. - Matt
approved Jan 19 2008, submitted Mar 1 2006 by Luke Smith
I performed a version of this in an art class, which was entited 'the Jill Dando'. It was not strictly a mime because as I was lying on the floor, pretending to be dead, I was also screaming "I aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAMMm Jill Dando".
Upon seeing this Mr Addicot informed me that I was "Sick"... I reminded him that he was the one who wanted to "...give Billie Piper more than one".
approved Jun 30 2007, submitted Mar 1 2006 by Luke Smith