The Law of the Playground
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Xavier Knorbius
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Playgroundlaw Warning: Readers are asked to note that the following outburst has fuck all to do with the schoolyard and is not endorsed by the team as whimsical nostalgia. Still, he's got a point.
A '5x5' refers to the 5th tyre on a 4x4. Not the one suspended asymetrically on the back of the gas-guzzling behemoth. I'm speaking of the spare tyre around the midriff of the halfwit imbeciles driving 50 yards to drop their smug offspring off at the local school, then triple-parking so they can 'chat' about all the really important stuff in life (as dictated by 'Heat' magazine) before chugging en-masse to the local supermarket where they SLOWLY proceed to fill their shopping baskets with fat and sugar laden treats and alcohol to drown out the voices in their tiny minds telling them to kill themselves.
approved May 9 2006, submitted Apr 24 2006 by Xavier Knorbius