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I once pissed into a 7 Up bottle and then put it back into the fridge in Barretts newsagents. This was because the shopkeeper had been enough of a dickhead to not 'let' me steal a Mars Bar from his shop.
I then went on holiday, but when I came back, my friends decided to shit me up by telling me that someone died from drinking it and it was being tested by the 'feds'. Needless to say, I steered clear of the 'murder scene' for many weeks after.
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Daniel Sodaburgh's dad was the Ultimate Warrior, and his uncle was Hulk Hogan. They both had the Knight Rider car. Normal enough, I suppose, plenty of kids lie about what their parents do.

However, his mum was Batman. That's Bat MAN.

He was 12 when he told us this and no amount of backpedalling on his part made us forget it. Ever.
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