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We always used to hide in a small storage room in an adjoining attic room before the teacher arrived. Once, after our usual cheerful parade into the classroom, having got yet another good-natured one over on Sir, he noticed that one boy hadn't come out, and tried to coax him out with increasing frustration for over five minutes.

What we knew, that the teacher didn't, was that the child was off sick.
approved Aug 24 2006, submitted Aug 20 2006 by mr smartarse
There was a kid at my primary school who ate the urinal cake things because he thought they were marshmallows.
100% lies but we don't care. Have YOU ever eaten a piss cube? What do they taste like and did you suck it to make it last or crunch it?
approved Sep 22 2006, submitted Aug 13 2006 by mr smartarse