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The objective of this game is simple - to call the other person gay. However, if you are caught off guard, then you will become gay yourself. For example:
Ant: Ben...
Ben: What?
Ant: gay.
Ant may now congratulate himself because he has called Ben gay. Once you have fallen for this, however, there is a counter attack to being called gay.
Ant: Ben...
Ben: Yes, Ant...
Ant: ...Is gay.
At which point, Ben may celebrate his hard-earned victory over Ant, the stupid gay. However, a 'combo-combo' move is available:
Ant: Ben...
Ben: Yes, Ant...
Ant: cool.
The kudos gained from calling yourself cool is somewhat less then calling someone else gay, but at least youre not gay which, for all intents and purposes is what really counts.
approved Jan 24 2007, submitted Dec 10 2006 by Name Withheld