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Tom L
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A trick that is easy to do, but tricky to explain over the internet when you can't be arsed to draw a diagram.

1) Put your hands together as if you were going to play the slapsies.

2) A friend then does the same.

3) Both parties split fingers as though Vulcans saying "live long and prosper". Warning - don't actually say "live long and prosper" or the sexiness of what is about to happen will be compromised.

4) The party wishing to see a magical vagina should rotate his hands ninety degrees along the finger axis, and mesh his fingers with his friend.

5) By opening up his palms, Boy A can now see a beautifully shaven and 100% realistic vagina.

6) An extra frisson of naughtiness can be gained from doing this with a girl and reaching in for a little lick.
approved Dec 10 2002, submitted Nov 24 2002 by Tom L, Peter Gasston