The Law of the Playground
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Gil St-Albin
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Man with Jack-in-the-box, The, noun phrase.
Best known example of a freestyle epic narration (a form of oral storytelling in which profoundly eccentric characters have endless serial adventures in a world that is in various unforeseeable ways hostile to their existence).
A story featuring a man cursed with the possession - which he could never put down - of a large jack-in-the-box whose 'jack' could spring to a height of twenty metres; an optimistic young girl; a monk who had mastered a meditative technique in which one relocated one's own centre of gravity to a point some way in front of oneself (this made walking impossible; he could only fall from place to place), and other minor figures. This trio encounters many trials as they negotiate, for example, perilous roof gardens made of papier mache and corridors which contrary to the laws of perspective, physically narrow to a single point.
The story was developed by the boys who didn't play touch football.
approved Mar 1 2003, submitted Feb 19 2003 by Gil St-Albin
1. Interjection. Impressionistic ejaculation, connoting the personal peculiarities of a muscular, bright-eyed, possibly gay English teacher with wiry forearms and hands. He was in the habit of spreading his hands dramatically on the table as he leaned forward talking rapidly and precisely. The synaesthesic verbal summation of this was, obviously, Zwee.
2. Noun. A mythic creature resembling a hand walking on its five digits; a copiously veined, disembodied hand with eyes. Draw the creature on any spare sheet of paper and have it say in a speech bubble, 'Zwee.'
approved Mar 3 2003, submitted Feb 19 2003 by Gil St-Albin
5 x 5 cm doodles, inspired by the work of the Heidelberg School, a group of 19-century Australian painters who for want of expensive canvasses, once exhibited a series of landscapes on the lids of 9 x 9 inch cigar boxes. A true 5 x 5 is developed from unstructured doodling, making full use of Dali's 'critical paranoiac' method to quickly tap unconscious desires is advised. Generally, little pictures of cocks.
approved Feb 25 2003, submitted Feb 19 2003 by Gil St-Albin