The Law of the Playground
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The Sheep
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My first year Latin teacher Trendy Wendy once substituted in a PE lesson and took us swimming. The pre-pubescent tension was palpable as we waited for her to leave the changing room because, even though she was not fit, none of us had never seen a female teacher in a swimming cossy before. When she emerged, the gasps were audible, though not because she was a vision of loveliness.

Instead, we were confronted with the sight of what appeared to be a large spider trying to escape from under the material of her costume between her legs. No-one heard a single word that she said, as to a boy we stood in dazed silence, staring at her curly clock springs.
approved Apr 22 2005, submitted Oct 14 2003 by The Sheep
A game loosely based on "Street Hawk", TV's motorbike Knight Rider. The rules; after school, Steve Wild's little brother would ride around the playground on his BMX as close to 200mph as he could get, while we threw rocks at his wheels.
It ended, as all good things must, when Steve launched a set of those elasticated hooks used for securing luggage to roof racks into the front wheel at close range. His brother flew headlong onto the playground. I'm not sure how badly he was hurt because I did the honorable thing and legged it.
approved Oct 9 2003, submitted Sep 26 2003 by The Sheep