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"Breaker Breaker 10-4-10-4-John Wayne Payne"

Potentially the World's Longest nickname. Now there's a challenge...

John Payne was our Form Binner. The one who endured shouts of Gyp-Gyp-Gyp-Gypo! everytime anyone saw him. But, in that way that only happens at school, his life was defined by one careless statement in Second Year French.
Ms. Bissesseur, whom everyone fancied, was trying to teach us numbers in French, and so, sensibly decided to have the class recite their 'phone numbers. Not a bad idea, you would think.
This went swimmingly until we got to John. John told us he didn't have a phone, which would have been fair enough had he left there. But John decided to tell us that instead, he had a CB. Trevor Corrigan started up with 10-4, 10-4 John, and that was it for John. I don't remember where the Wayne came from. Just because John Wayne was one letter away from Payne, and because somehow saying John Wayne Payne in that 'Joey Deacon' way was somehow funnier. Made more so because one so unlike John Wayne you could not hope to meet.
Probably not the funniest story ever, but saying Breaker Breaker 10-4 10-4 John Wayne Payne still makes me laugh.
approved Apr 23 2003, submitted Mar 13 2003 by Ian Dogherty