The Law of the Playground
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Daniel Scott
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This is a post-shower game invented by me and my brother. Straight after our shower, we would do a 'peacock parade' to our parents (and sometimes other adult guests) who were sitting in the living room next door. The 'peacock' effect comes from taking your towel and sticking one corner firmly between your bum cheeks and squeezing tight. Then you walk around on your tippie-toes with your head held proudly back. After a couple of laps, you go back in your room and everyone is going 'ooh isn't that funny'.
Occasionally however, in an effort to avoid the towel slipping out (from the friction of the carpet), which it sometimes did, I would stick the towel up my bum a bit too far, so that the corner went a bit brown. Then my brother would go and tell Mum and it would ruin the whole game.
approved Sep 25 2003, submitted Sep 24 2003 by Daniel Scott
This is a really fun game from Western Australia, invented by me and my brother. To play, you get in the shower with someone else and two flannels and nominate who will be teacher and who will be the child. Then the teacher says 'It's time for a nap now'. So you both fold a flannel in half and lie down on the shower floor, using the flannel as a kind of pillow. You also have to kind of spoon each other because there's not much room. It was a really good game.
approved May 2 2003, submitted Apr 8 2003 by Daniel Scott