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If you are a teacher named Mr. O'Brian, it's not a good idea to introduce yourself to a class by telling them that the name 'Mr. No Brain' is not funny as you write 'Mr. No Brain' on the blackboard.
approved Jan 26 2003, submitted Jan 22 2003 by anonymous user
Similarly, the ludicrously diminutive Mr Hughes told his form class on the first day NOT to call him Mr Huge, as it really, really wasn't funny. The result was as predictable as night following day.
approved Jun 27 2005, submitted Jun 23 2005 by Em Bird
"My name is Mr. Reese. Don't call me grease!", snapped Mr Reese one day. To be honest, the thought had never occurred to us, so it was good of him to make us aware of the possibilities.

More than earning himself a new nickname, Mr Reese's outburst had such a satisfying rhythm to it that it quickly became a popular playground chant.
approved Oct 23 2011, submitted Oct 21 2011 by anonymous user
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