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My little pony,
skinny and bony,
went to the circus,
and done it on purpose.
(it being a crap)
Alternative ending to the well-accepted first two lines is "made out of plastic, looks like a spastic".
approved Mar 1 2003, submitted Feb 17 2003 by Gordon Yeti
Alternate version;
My little pony, skinny and bony,
under the table, drinking black label.
Not the most shocking version, but quite cute I suppose.
approved Mar 10 2003, submitted Mar 9 2003 by Kate S
Other words rhyming with Pony, apart from "boney", are baloney, Police Academy's Mahoney, Island (Coney), most pastas, and homey. I just wrote this.
My little Pony,
Just like Mahoney,
She's got a homey,
Makes helicopter noises that are phony.
And that's the best My Little Pony rhyme ever. SUBJECT CLOSED.
approved Sep 30 2004, submitted May 13 2004 by Jon Blyth
I do hope by the final line of your poem that you're not insinuating that it was Mahoney who made the funny helicopter noises in Police Academy. It was Jones. Everyone knows that.

Of course, if your little pony is just making helicopter noises in order to provide a very bad rhyme at the end, well, that's an awesome little pony. Mine didn't do anything. Except have really flammable hair.

Thanks for your feedback, Chad! No, I am aware it was Jones who made the noises - Jones is Mahoney's Homey, you see. I incorporated that into the language I used. And yes, my My Little Pony was awesome. We had amazing adventures, some of which didn't involve pints and pints of piss. Log.
approved Jan 11 2005, submitted Nov 12 2004 by Chad Cobra
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