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Perhaps based on the word “rapier”, I thought for some time that the term “rape” meant to attack someone with a knife. I rather foolishly enquired with a group of male friends whether or not we should go rape the girls.
(The image is only improved by the idea that Widdler was waving a knife around at the time… - Log)
approved Mar 7 2003, submitted Mar 2 2003 by Pink Widdler
I had the same misinterpretation for several years. The source: my older sister's 70's "horror" book "Flowers in the Attic". On the mostly-black front cover there was the cheery tag-line: "Kidnapped, Raped, Murdered". Beneath this there was a picture of some bloody scissors which, I presumed at the time, were used for raping.
approved Nov 25 2003, submitted Nov 4 2003 by anonymous user
The first time I ever heard about it was when a woman was raped and murdered by some shops near where I used to live during my infants school days.

I actually thought it was 'raked', and for years lived under the mistaken impression that the poor lady was gardened to death.
She deserved it. She was a hoe-er. Pffffffff!!!! - Mansh
approved Apr 13 2005, submitted Dec 16 2003 by Harry Nice
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