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A plea : did the hard lads in anyone else's school have wanking races in lessons or was it just our school? It mainly happened in maths. Three or four lads would sit at the back with their knobs out and masturbate under the desk - to completion. Sometimes the pikey girls would join them with shatterproof rulers for measuring purposes. This also occurred on the back seat of our school coach. Any chance they got, really. Was this really a unique phenomenon?
approved Mar 7 2003, submitted Mar 6 2003 by spadge monkey
The wanking race also occured in our scout troop. I politely declined due to the rather unsettling homosexual undertones, possibly something to do with one of the leaders joining in.
(May or may not be true, but oh! - the delivery! - Log)
approved May 15 2003, submitted Apr 6 2003 by Harry Grout
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