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Make a fist, hold it up in front of you.
"What's this?" you ask your victim.
"I don't know!" they reply.
"Wanker's cramp!" you respond, continuing with "Do you get it?"
"Haha! Yes!" they gleefully reply.
"Do you get it a lot? You must be a wanker! Wanker, wanker, wanker!" Victory is yours.
approved Apr 21 2003, submitted Mar 27 2003 by Nick Hunt
Boy X: "What's five pax plus five pax?"
Boy Y: "Ten pax?"
Boy X: "Do you get it?"
Boy Y: "Er... Yes. Yes I do."
By trying desperately not to look stupid, 'Y' has made a fatal error in admitting that he buys Tampax. 'Y' has also acknowledged that he is gay, and that once a month, he has a period out his arse.
approved Apr 23 2005, submitted Jan 21 2005 by Christo Frog
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