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The range of cheap saturday market coats as worn by poor children. Inspired the song 'Nanny Annie Fishy Fanny Condom Fifty-Four'.
approved Apr 23 2003, submitted Apr 8 2003 by James Black
A similar kind of thing were 'Kenwood' and 'Pioneer' jackets, which were considered to be a mark of distinction and street credibility.
The lustre faded a little when we discovered they were five quid a pop from the local market.
approved Jul 25 2003, submitted Jul 23 2003 by Ed Ryan
Since I lived in a town full of pikeys, owning a NaffCO54 jacket was the biznitch. People in Naf Naf coats were pointed at laughed at for being a bunch of hoity-toity poofs. All a matter of perspective really...
approved Oct 23 2003, submitted Aug 6 2003 by Mel McGinn
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