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An animated wizard, who had special e-mazing powers. Voiced by Derek Griffiths, he would sing;
Fat becomes fate with me!
Rat becomes rate with me!
and of course
Shit becomes shite with me!
I'm magic magic E...

After comically noting that shit becomes shite with him, children would rack their brains, without success, to think of another rude word ending in a removeable "e".
approved Sep 5 2003, submitted Aug 9 2003 by Gary Whittle
pube - some people might say it's childish, but i still find it funny at 26, so what do they fucking know?

(See also "rap becomes rape with e". A cautionary tale for the hip hop generation. -Susan)
approved Oct 1 2003, submitted Sep 11 2003 by dan upright
How about 'Wankr becomes Wanker with me...'?
Harry, you might like to see this entry, to guage the degree to which you have just entirely missed the point. Can anyone else see how Harry has missed the point of "a word that becomes a rude word when you add the letter e to the end" in two distinct ways?
approved Apr 11 2005, submitted Dec 12 2003 by Harry Nice
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