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There was a boy at my school called Dickon Hares. I don't know what else to say about him, other than it really was his name, and it did sound exactly as you imagined it would when read out in the register.
approved Sep 7 2003, submitted Sep 6 2003 by Alexander Po
I saw him and his brother on Knightmare, the old kids show, and according to an interview of one of the cast of the show, they won it, cos he remembers when Dickon found a trumpet, he shouted "Dickon's got the horn".

Hello, your friendly editors here. Oooh, we agonised over this one. Truth? Kate Thornton-esque apocryphal nostalgia a la Seaman Staines and Master Bates? If you know any more about this, PLEASE write in. -The editors.
approved Oct 31 2003, submitted Oct 22 2003 by Andrew Watson
It might very well be true:
And I quote, "Dungeoneer Dickon from Team 6 unlocks Motley from the stocks, then an Ogre appears."
You can even listen to it here:

Thanks Nick! And thanks Dickon!
approved Nov 1 2003, submitted Oct 31 2003 by Nick Hunt
Well, it's only partly true. Dickon got the crown, not the horn.
approved Nov 4 2003, submitted Nov 3 2003 by anonymous user
approved Sep 27 2012, submitted Sep 15 2012 by Alexander Po
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