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Fainting was a brief but common practice amongst 7 year olds in 1979. The would-be fainter and his assistant would stand by the playground wall. The fainter would breathe deeply in and out as fast as he could, whipping up a nice dizzy spell of hyperventilation. After 20 deep breaths, he forces out his final emormous gob of air, and just as he does so the assistant lunged and pressed his chest against the wall as hard as he could. God knows how it works, but the fainter will immediately conk out and collapse, usually falling slightly unconscious and no doubt nearly dying in the process. I've no doubt Michael Hutchence did something similar on his final night alive, only he got his cock out first.
approved Dec 3 2002, submitted Nov 24 2002 by Olly Lambert
Inducing a fake faint was also known as 'Harvey Walbangers'. Everyone who's done one will generally insist that they nearly died that time, really.
approved Sep 29 2003, submitted Aug 5 2003 by Emma-Leigh Owen
One of the side effects of this singularly stupid activity was that you would often hallucinate as you came "back to life". Juzza, aka The Terminator, admitted that he had hallucinated about playing computer games.
The best hallucination I could manage was a sort of swirling lino-cut impression of the local church, which, while quite psychadelic, was definitely very uncool.
One boy refused to take part, as he felt that abusing yourself to amuse others amounted to prostitution.
approved Dec 12 2003, submitted Nov 28 2003 by Bomber .
When the 'fainter' hit the deck, it was considered fair play that they received a good kicking while they were down.
Well you had to be sure they were OK.
approved May 9 2005, submitted May 6 2005 by bobby dazzler
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