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Our school pool became a repository for footballs, tennis balls, blazers and the odd first year sometime in the seventies. By the time my generation got to it, Prefects were required to gaurd it at lunch times, presumably from thirsty first years. During this time, the school was subjected to an assembly on how due to "inconsideration stemming back some years" the population of the school pool now extended to several breeds of fish, some of which could not be legally removed. Making the building of the new staff room quite difficult.
Cockfingers says:
To reiterate the facts: you couldn't build a staff room in a swimming pool because it was so full of tennis balls that protected species of fish had moved in? Is that a fair summary of your story? If so, fuck right off and away, I'm not having it.
approved Oct 27 2011, submitted Oct 22 2003 by cockfingered
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