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A household brand scribbled in the back of a Physics book which, upon inception, managed to throw my friend Danny into fits of tearful laughter for an hour. No-one else has ever laughed at it since.
Readers! Do you have a memory that only you find funny? Why not tell the world, so you can tell as many people who probably won't find it funny as you possibly can?
approved Jul 7 2004, submitted Dec 23 2003 by Uncle Mudge
"Masai Cattle"

The oft-repeated phrase that would make Nigel Burrows… and only Nigel Burrows… weep with laughter. The source of merriment was a Geography textbook photo showing a herd of the skinniest, saddest cows anyone had ever seen. The Masai, of course, use cows as currency so will own as many as possible, regardless of their near-death condition.
approved Jan 22 2008, submitted Jan 27 2006 by Cam Winstanley
Get ready and hold on to your sides, boys and girls.

Whilst playing in my back garden, a friend and I discovered that my garden shed was locked with a padlock made by a lock manufacturer called Plumbob. Finding this highly amusing, we hid behind my garden gate and shouted "PLUMBOB!" at people walking down the path on the other side. We soon grew tired of this, however and went inside to play on the Acorn Electron.
approved Feb 14 2006, submitted Feb 10 2006 by Eric Shun
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