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The city in which puddingbowl lane is the high street. Based on the mid-80s advert on Anglia TV for Carpet City. A squeaky voiced squirrel-man-creature would ask "Mexico City? London City? New York City?" and the booming-voiced continuity dude would assert "No! It's Carpet City!"
Hang on a minute, wasn't this the other way around. Wasn't the continuity bloke lost, and the squirrel-man calmed him with the reassuring notion that he was, in fact, in Carpet City? The continuity man then went on to discuss the prices of carpets, which is odd to say that three seconds ago he didn't even know where he was. I don't think he was ever lost at all.
approved Dec 6 2002, submitted Nov 24 2002 by Jon Blyth
Sean turned up to school one day with a particularly bowly haircut. When this fact was pointed out to all and sundry using the pithy parody, "Mexico City? London City? New York City? No! It's Haircut City!", Sean's astonishingly violent response was surely a tad OTT.
approved Nov 24 2002, submitted Nov 24 2002 by Name Withheld
Rupert Pratt (for 'twas his name) sported a floppy fringed centre parting. One Sociology lesson, Mrs Livesy directed a question at Rupert. We all looked up from our textbooks and turned to look at him. His hair had relaxed into a perfectly straight bowl-cut. The fact that so many of us loudly exclaimed "Dwayne Dibbley?!" at precisely the same moment made it all the more satisfying.
approved Jul 25 2005, submitted May 16 2005 by Rob Young
A child at my school attempted to evade the associated pounding of turning up to school with a spanking new basin hair cut by claiming that it wasn't a basin, it was 'curtains' which where "closed".
I've never seen such a beating.
approved Dec 20 2005, submitted Dec 14 2005 by Cherry Green
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