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The name given to the early developer, Patrick Downey, based on the prosthetically-phallused porn star of the seventies.
His crime was to get an erection one rainy afternoon after double games whilst in the post match showers then wander bold as brass into the changing rooms with his engorged member standing to attention.
The appreciative cries of "Look at the size of Paddys dick!", "Nice one, Patrick" and "Ha ha ha! Patrick's got a big dick!" were followed by a whimper of "Leave me alone! I havent got a big dick!" as Patrick fled from the changing room in tears.
Thanks to this baffling reaction, the rumour spread like wildfire that Patrick has an oversized man's cock. From the sixth formers to the braver first years, all would chant "King Dong", "Donkey Dick" and "Patrick's got a big dick"
Saying "Patrick's got a big dick" never failed to cause the well-endowed fella to run off, crying "I haven't got a big dick! Leave me alone!"
approved Mar 11 2004, submitted Mar 4 2004 by Steve Mason
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