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Once when I was in secoundary school, this bloody tosser came up round this girl we knew as Stephanie Stank ( real name Stephanie Stanck) and triend to pull up my skirt so that him and his mates could all have a good look. Well, they were able to get the skirt up to Stephanie's head, but sad for them, good ol' Steph hadn't changer her nickers for three days. (She was wereing those nickers with the days on them like they had in the 70s). Well needless to say, we all thought it was funny, and the day after me and my mates slipped a note to the tosser saying

Cockfingers says:
What a cliffhanger! This really is the standard we're aiming for here in Cockfinger's department of retarded. Do you think you've got a story as lacking in everything as this? Come on. I fucking dare you.
approved Oct 14 2011, submitted Nov 6 2004 by cockfingered
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