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Growing up in New York State , U. S. A. , a version of " spaz/retarded/fag " , etc. , was " Bocie "...I'm sure that it came from BOCES , the acronym for N. Y. State's " special " education department ( Um...Something Something Something Educational Services . ) . My version of it is , of course , phoenetic , and , may well be subject to variations !!!!!!!!! I do not know if NYS's equivalent department goes by that name now , this is some decades agone ... While I guess that this site is more British-oriented , the whole English-speaking world is your oyster , correct ??????? And , I'll assume that you're familiar with the American " spaz/retard " , etc. , referred to above...

Cockfingers says:
You know what, I think the thing that upsets me most about this is all the gaps between everything. How can you make USA take up nine characters? Jesus WEPT
approved Oct 21 2011, submitted Jun 8 2005 by cockfingered
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