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After having discovered your site today and wasted most of it reading entries (on company time) I can only conclude British kids are suspiciously preoccupied with gayness. Little closet faggots, all of you, eh?
In my country (Sweden) we were never called "gay" just for being athletically challenged, interested in arts or books, or generally not fitting in. They beat us up, don't get me wrong - they just didn't call us gay while they did it.
(Two things, anonymous gay Swede; the fact we talk about it means that we're not scared of gayness. It's you lot, the Swedes, who are gay-scared, and that means you're super-gay. Arguing with the logic of this only makes you gayer, so just shut up, bend over and take one from big butch Denmark.
Secondly, the reason this website has a lot of gay references in it is that I'm a gay, and I'm pushing my agenda with a view to attracting burly doormen. Are you a burly doorman? If so, please get in touch. I'm Log, and I'll do anything for Dairylea.
approved Jun 13 2005, submitted Jun 10 2005 by anonymous user
Perhaps our anonymous Swede would care to enlighten us as to what transpired in the gay-free playgrounds of Sweden when someone suggested a game of "war"? I can only assume they put all their pocket money in a pile on the ground and sat on it with their heads hidden under their parka hoods until it was all over - just like in real life!

Très drôle, Tony. Très drôle. - Phil
approved Jun 13 2005, submitted Jun 13 2005 by Tony Green
Um, isn't that Switzerland?
Thanks to Richard Irons, and also lots of other people for sticking their arms rigidly into the air and going 'Ugh..ugh...Mi-isssssssss' like the dirty little keenoes that they fucking are, and saying prcisely the same thing. And then crying when they are passed over, taking breath ONLY to reassure their mums that they DID know the answer and the moderaters 'never' choose THEM. Can I just remind you all that there is a forum for exactly this kind of thing at
Also I agree with Tony: anything north of Brittany and you're a cowardly, gouda munching, matchwood furniture buying, Abba loving BUMMER. IDST. - Mansh.
approved Jun 16 2005, submitted Jun 15 2005 by Name Withheld
Belm back at you all; Sweden maintained an offical position of neutrality in WWII while 'secretly' supporting the Nazis. Tony is thus well within his rights to mock them for not standing up to Adolf when England called.
approved Jun 24 2005, submitted Jun 19 2005 by Phil Glansvile
If any readers are interested, what Sweden did in the War was lay on large quantities of weapons-building grade steel to the Germans, let them use their rail system (at a suitable price) to get their troops into Norway, and swap Reichmarks for ballbearings until Churchill threatened to flatten Stockholm.

By the way, Sven, I've spent five years in your herring-powered country and the reason you never got called gay is because it was so blindingly obvious there was no need. I have yet to meet a Swedish man who possesses even 1% of the masculinity of your average Britt-Marie or Elin. You bunch of emasculated, pale, dickless shadow-men.

I quite like it here really, though, so please don't hit me with your handbag.
approved Jul 17 2005, submitted Jul 15 2005 by anonymous user
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