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"What's underneath the Magic Table?" I asked, out of the blue, one lunchtime.

Naturally curious, I bent my head to investigate the source of the witchcraft and wizardry, which proved to be Jane McKeating's eight year old, hairless genitals.
approved Aug 12 2005, submitted Aug 9 2005 by Steven Johnston
When we were five, Daniel Davies and I would drop our pencils under the table during handwriting practice, and spend the pencil-recovery time looking up the girls' skirts.

'Magic Table' caught on so well that when the teacher left the room, dozens of pencils would clatter to the floor and all of the boys would congregate underneath the table.

It grew so popular that the girls started to do it too, and thus the "Magic Table" vanished in a puff of logic.
approved Sep 21 2005, submitted Sep 9 2005 by Neal Vomit
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