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Futuristic suffix, essential in games involving robots or Daleks.
Usage: put on a metallic voice and declare "I. AM. ALANATRON. EX. TER. MIN. ATE." A warning to people whose names rhymed with Tron, though. "I. AM. JOHN. TRON." makes you sound like a bit of a gaybot, marks you out as a target for ex. sperm. in. ation.
Tron making regular objects sound futuristic and robotic, it's arguable that William's arcade game Robotron 2024 was gilding the lily a touch.
approved Oct 3 2005, submitted Aug 11 2005 by Alana S, Jon Blyth
Tron gave me possibly one of the most convoluted nicknames ever. My surname is Smith, so this was corrupted to 'Squiff' by the Oscar Wildes in my class. An English teacher who was constantly trying to be 'down with the kids' then started calling me 'Squiffy', which after a while evolved into him calling me 'Squiffotron' whilst making robot-like movements. I didn't start complaining until he started shouting 'ERROR! ERROR! DOES NOT COMPUTE!' whenever he asked me a question that took me more than a few seconds to answer.

The same teacher later accused me of constantly looking at porn on the internet in a speech he made at our A Level presentation evening, in front of all the students and parents from my year. He later denied it, but the scars run deep. O'Shaughnessy, you're a bastard.
approved Oct 5 2005, submitted Oct 3 2005 by Name Withheld
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