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Jimmy M allegedly took a crap in the empty case of "Adventures in Babysitting" in our local non-chain video rental store. I'm not sure if this was anarchy or criticism.

Despite not being there at the time I'm confident of the veracity of the story because I can't believe a 14 year old would be witty enough to arbitrarily insert a film like "Adventures in Babysitting" into the anecdote's retelling.
approved Mar 1 2006, submitted Oct 22 2005 by Drew Styles
I once pissed into a 7 Up bottle and then put it back into the fridge in Barretts newsagents. This was because the shopkeeper had been enough of a dickhead to not 'let' me steal a Mars Bar from his shop.
I then went on holiday, but when I came back, my friends decided to shit me up by telling me that someone died from drinking it and it was being tested by the 'feds'. Needless to say, I steered clear of the 'murder scene' for many weeks after.
approved Jul 29 2006, submitted Jul 28 2006 by Name Withheld
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