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yellow bird (up high in banana tree)
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Whistful Carribean folk song that we were forced to sing in tuesday morning singing group. Such was the gusto which myself and my friend Philip sang (in thick and poor quality Jamaican accents)that we were asked to come up onto the stage to demonstrate our vocal talents to the rest of the class. While our enthusiasm had got us picked out for special praise, our inclusion of "Oooohkeeey mon!" between each verse only led to the head's office by a "deeply disappointed" music teacher.
approved Nov 15 2005, submitted Nov 11 2005 by Tony Green
Pupils from a nice school were banned from socialising with us when we performed this version of that song on the watersports trip:
Yellow turd, way down in the lavatory.
Yello turd, you sit there and smile at me.
You're so short and fat
You look like a rounders bat
I know why you float
You've got a furry coat
You're much uglier than me.
approved Nov 19 2005, submitted Nov 15 2005 by Sweden Sour
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